Anyone – employees, customers, stakeholders and third parties – who is witness to irregular behaviour or behaviour in any case in breach of the Code of Ethics, pursuant to Lgs. Decree 231/01 in force at HB Technology S.r.l. or any other unlawful deed, including those set down in directive EU 2019/1937 transposed to Italian law with Lgs. Decree No. 24 10/03/2023, introduced by people operating within HB Technology S.r.l., has the possibility to forward a report through the channel managed by the TPS Group through its parent company T.P.S. S.p.A..
Consistently with legal requirements, this report may be sent in confidence and anonymously, using the relevant online platform set up for this purpose.

The platform can be reached from the parent company’s website at the following link, by accessing the “Business Ethics” menu and then “Report Management (Whistleblowing)”.

Through the dedicated channel, indicated in the Procedure for managing reports, possible cases can be highlighted, for example, of corruption, fraud, unlawful appropriation, tax evasion, breach of human rights, breach of antitrust and capital market laws, insider trading regulations, data protection laws or other violations of the Code of Conduct.